Water in the News

Throughout Canada, water is making headlines. Recent warnings about lead levels, Vancouver's boil water alerts, and current controversies surrounding the environmental and physical costs of bottled water have Canadians concerned. This recent media awareness is very heartening, even if the issues being addressed are troubling. It seems to suggest that Canadians are finally being heard. The following links are to news articles, as well as government and academic resources that address many of these issues.

Water Treatment

Drinking water in Canadian cities not always tested for all contaminants.
(CBC News: June 16 2015)
Many Canadian cities are falling short of testing drinking water for all possible harmful contaminants, and experts say the long-term consequences could be detrimental to people's health, a CBC News investigation has found.

Culinary chemistry: It's what's not in the water that can matter most.
(PR News Wire: June 21st 2013)
You decide to make your favorite soup, using the finest, freshest ingredients. Without giving it a second thought, you use water from the tap and unknowingly could add a variety of unwanted minerals, tastes, aromas and chemicals as well.

Kinetico Essential Series™ Water Softeners Help Make the Most of Appliance Effectiveness.
(Canadian News Wire: June 6th 2013)
The Kinetico Essential Series water softener is designed with the consumer in mind and built to the highest standards of reliability, efficiency and energy savings.

Kinetico Water Softeners Named a Consumers Digest Best Buy.
(Canadian News Wire: September 24th 2012)
In its most recent evaluation of water softeners, Consumers Digest rated the Kinetico 2030s, 2060s and 2100s as Best Buys.

Water Toxins and Contaminants

There is a state of emergency with America's water.
(Dr. Oz show: October 20th 2009)
The contaminates are in the water you drink and the water you bathe in, the water you brush your teeth with. Parasites, chemical cleaning agents, arsenic, and animal feces can be lurking in the water in your home and you don't even know it.

Canada's patchwork environmental strategy needs overhaul: report
(CBC news: September 18, 2007)
Canada needs a cohesive environmental strategy that includes more monitoring of people's exposures to environmental contaminants, a strengthening of environmental laws, and increased awareness about these issues, says a new report.

Doctors push government action on safe drinking water
(Vancouver Sun: August 22, 2007)
Canada's doctors are pressing all levels of government to adopt policies to guarantee clean, safe and reliable drinking water for all Canadian communities.

General News and Information About Water in Canada

The Water Chronicles
(, updated daily)
Water Chronicle's front page features aggregate headline news on water issues in Canada, the US and the world; there are boil water advisory maps, both national and provincial, and a sign-up link for water alerts in your neighbourhood; specialized inteviews with the various movers and shakers on water policy; and a place for new ideas to be heard.

Environment Canada - Water
Did you know that Canada is one of the highest water users per capita in the world? It's no wonder that easy access to safe, clean water is considered to be an important issue. Managing Canada's water resources, which represents about seven per cent of the world's renewable freshwater, is everyone’s responsibility.

Did You Know?
It's Universal

Water is often called the "universal solvent" because of its ability to dissolve such a wide variety of substances. The dissolved substances remain with the water until they are filtered out or until the water evaporates. This fact is well appreciated by Canadians who live with and manage their own private well system that delivers "problem water."

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