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We send out a consumer survey card to each new Kinetico customer and ask them for their feedback on their experience purchasing a Kinetico system and if they're happy with what they've bought. We're really proud of the responses that we get, and we'd like to share those results with you. 

5 Star Reviews from Customers98.6% say that their Kinetico is working as promised and is solving their water problems.

CustomerReview2The Kinetico Water System has worked very well. It has eliminated all the minerals, hardness and sulphur odour from the water. The service after installation has been great. I would recommend these systems to anyone without hesitation. - Linda. Waterloo, ON
ReviewThumb1The system has worked flawlessly, providing uninterrupted service, and giving us soft water all the time. Other than adding salt, there really has been no other maintenance required. Bearing the above in mind, we would not hesitate to recommend Kinetico water treatment equipment. - R. Blanchard. Calgary, AB


98% say that they would recommend Kinetico to friends and family.

CustomerReview3We were so excited with the results of our water, we introduced our parents to it and they bought the system too! - Leigh. Schomberg, ON
CustomerReview4I would recommend these systems to anyone without hesitation. I am very confident about the service of the system. - Balu. Mississauga, ON

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Why Choose a Kinetico Water Professional?
Why Choose a Kinetico Water Professional?

Dean Johnson, from the home improvement TV series "Hometime," shares his experiences in dealing with his local Kinetico water specialist.

Kinetico home water systems are third-party certified to perform as promised and are backed by incredible warranties.