Kinetico's CP Series water filtration systems are made to handle the most common commercial applications. Supplying flow rates as high as 20 gallons per minute, CP Series filters are a perfect fit for most medium-sized commercial applications.

CP Series Commercial Water Filtration Highlights

Durable and Efficient

Non-Electric Valve

Non-Electric OperationKinetico’s classic non-electric valve controls two large media tanks, providing continuous, high-flow filtered water to your commercial kitchen equipment, reverse osmosis system or whatever your business needs it for. 

Corrosion Resistant Valve and Tanks

Corrosion Resistant Valve and TanksLong lasting. Can endure harsh environments.

Multi Tank System

Dual TanksUnlimited supply of clean, filtered water. Best for high flow rates.

Filtration Options

Carbon Removal

Carbon FiltrationCarbon Filtration media provide removal of chlorine and odors. 

Calcite Removal

Ph WaterCalcite Filtration media neutralizes the pH of water. 

Particulate Removal

MacroliteMacrolite® Filtration media removes particles as small as five microns, including sediment, iron, manganese, and other such  contaminants.