About Kinetico

Hydration by Kinetico

Treating each other, our water and our environment the right way.

If you wanted to sum up our approach in a single word, it would be "respect." We show our respect in many ways.

Our water treatment products stand alone in the industry. Unlike others in our industry who simply repackage and sell the same technology from the 1950s, Kinetico water systems work smarter and better.

  • We power our systems with water pressure, not electricity.
  • We respond to your pattern of water use, and make water as you use it, which saves water, salt and money.
  • We protect your water around the clock. Unlike other units that leave you exposed while they recharge, Kinetico systems never go offline.
  • We deliver the highest levels of drinking water filtration, so you no longer need to buy expensive bottled water or create unneeded plastic waste.
  • We independently certify that our systems perform as promised.
  • We back our systems with industry-leading warranties.
Kinetico dealers Kinetico dealers

But we do more than offer water treatment products. We deliver water treatment education and service.

Kinetico dealers live in your community so they become experts in treating the water in your area. We never charge for our knowledge. It's our privilege to explain our craft.

Our dealers are involved members of your community, regularly giving back by supporting charities and other local events, especially those that promote health, fitness and well-being.

There are easier ways to make, sell and service water treatment equipment, but they mean cutting corners and doing less than our best. That isn't Canadian. That isn't Kinetico.

For over 40 years, Canada has turned to us for the most effective and lasting answers to some of the most challenging water issues. We stand ready today as we will tomorrow. Hydration by Kinetico is a promise to do right by each other. We keep our word.

Our History

Founded in 1970, Kinetico pioneered the development of non-electric, fully automatic water treatment systems. In the years since, we've grown into a global company of independent Kinetico water specialists and international distributors serving over 100 countries.

We offer complete water systems that deliver only the highest quality water for general use and drinking. For quality control, we manufacture every piece of our equipment and back it with industry-leading warranties. Our approach reflects our deep commitment to preserving and conserving fresh water, one of our planet's most precious and endangered natural resources.

What we believe

We believe that fresh water is one of our planet's most precious and endangered natural resources. As local water specialists, we believe educating about the quality of the water is one of the most important services we can provide. So we offer you that knowledge without obligation. We're here to make the process of approaching water treatment options a positive, enlightening and enjoyable experience.


It's everyone's responsibility to conserve, protect and cherish our water.

Fresh water is an essential natural resource that we all depend upon. We are committed to responsible water use and preservation to meet today's global economic and environmental needs without compromising the opportunity for future generations to meet theirs. We have built our company and reputation on innovative, ecologically sound and efficient water treatment that improves water quality and makes life better for all.

Did You Know?
You're in Good Company

Kinetico can be found in homes and businesses in over 100 countries worldwide, including the Queen's residence at Buckingham Palace.

Kinetico home water systems are third-party certified to perform as promised and are backed by incredible warranties.