Saltless Water Systems

Solving your water problems while using no salt or chemicals

Kinetico's salt-free water systems provide an ideal alternative for those who prefer to avoid using salt or chemicals to resolve their water challenges. Our ingenious and performance proven Scale Reduction System (or SRS) keeps performance-sapping scale from running up energy bills and prematurely ruining your home's plumbing and appliances.

Turn to your local Kinetico water professional for a no-obligation, complete analysis of your water to see which options will work best for you.

Scale Reduction System (SRS)

Scale Reduction System (SRS)The Kinetico Scale Reduction System uses proven science to help prevent scale buildup where it can do the most harm. The SRS works to reduce the ability of minerals in your water to create scale, and it does all of this in a compact unit without the need for salt or chemicals.

Download the Kinetico SRS brochure.

Whole House Membrane System

TX Membrane System

The TX Membrane System is a saltless solution for solving a variety of water problems.

The TX Membrane System tackles a variety of water challenges. The semipermeable membrane traps contaminants, iron, hardness and odour-causing impurities, leaving you with clean, clear, usable water. The TX System picks up where other water treatment options have failed.

Download the Kinetico TX Membrane System brochure.

Did You Know?
It's Universal

Water is often called the "universal solvent" because of its ability to dissolve such a wide variety of substances. The dissolved substances remain with the water until they are filtered out or until the water evaporates. This fact is well appreciated by Canadians who live with and manage their own private well system that delivers "problem water."

Kinetico home water systems are third-party certified to perform as promised and are backed by incredible warranties.